A Day at Donner Pass Summit

The Donner Pass Summit Tunnel Hike was a fantastic hike, filled with spectacular views, American history and snow…lots and lots of snow! Coming from Florida I have seen plenty of snow on TV, and was fully prepared with a jacket, hiking shoes and thick socks, to take this hike on.  We parked alongside of Old Hwy […]

Fashion Your RV into a Home

Once you have made the decision to leave your 2.500 sq ft home and live in your 100 sq ft RV full time, space can become a real issue. Keeping all your knick knacks is not feasible. Having large kitchen appliances? I don’t think so. Hanging pictures? Not so much. So, how do you make your RV […]

Signs! Everywhere are Signs!

The “Right to Free Speech”. Some claim that this is a ‘God given right’, but truth be told, it is a right that was given to us by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Thus in fact, it was not God that provided us with this freedom but 7 good men that dressed funny, […]

The Mother of all Orange Trees!

We happened upon the Mother Orange Tree during one of our “let’s drive around and see what we can find” days. We were leaving the Lake Oroville State Recreation Area when we saw the “Brown Sign”. Brown signs are like magnets for us, it’s almost as if they call to us and magically steer our car […]

Helen Hunt Falls and Other Surprises

Happy Mothers Day! We woke up a bit early and set off to enjoy our day.  We enjoyed a lovely breakfast at my favorite restaurant in town, The Pantry!  Great place! Great Food! But that’s for another blog…While we were enjoying our breakfast on the outside patio, it began to hail. No big deal, hail […]

Red Rock Canyon, Colorado Springs, CO

Red Rock Canyon is a public area in Colorado Springs, CO. It is adjacent to Garden of the Gods. It features towering red rock spires and well trodden trails around lakes of clear water. The wind flows in and cascades among  the rock, creating eddies in the dust and fresh breezes.  Climbers come here to […]

Broadway Oyster Bar AKA (BOB)

I have always had a taste for good food!  I don’t mind spending extra money for a REALLY good meal and I have to tell you the Broadway Oyster Bar has some excellent food!  I like to start off with a few different appetizers, then a main course and desert and a drink.  Its just […]

Chain of Rocks Bridge

 This is the parking lot for the bridge “Bike Path” on the Illinois side. Sketchy is an adjective that I could easily use to describe it. There were several concrete barriers arranged to form a rough parking area. All were spray painted, graffiti like, with the words “Lock your car!”, “High theft area!” and the like. […]

KOA Granite City. IL

 This was our camp at the Granite City KOA. Located right off Route 66. They gave us a nice spot in the back of the park. There was a field behind us that we were able to walk the dogs in unleashed (always a bonus!) As you can see in the picture, we were able […]

The Day My Life Began…Again

I said “I do” to my soul mate the day before we left.  We packed all of our belongings into a 32 foot Class C RV and set out on the road.  Just my husband, myself, our two dogs, Heidi and Rocco and our Quaker Parrot, Merlin.  Leaving the only home we had known together for […]

So, you bought a tow dolly…

It really seems like a simple enough process. Browse craiglist and other “stuff for sale” websites until you find a tow dolly for sale. People do it all the time. Off I click, on my merry way, to grandmothers hell we go…. I grok mechanics, I really do. I can tear anything apart and put […]

Prepping for the trip!

While the interior work was progressing, there were also other concerns that had to be addressed. Exterior things, mechanical things, engine mechanical things, transmission things, tire things, oh my there were so many things! Our rig was well cared for prior to us owning it. We actually met the owners even though we purchased it […]

So, it begins – The Big Build

It’s the smell you first notice, that warm, sweet, moldy smell that makes your nose wrinkle up. You begin by telling yourself that it won’t be that bad, but inside, you already know that it is. I started on the floor, one of the two small black stains in the carpet. Peeling back the carpet […]