You can’t make this up….


9:45am The wife & I arrive at the Verizon store.
10 am The doors open
I report my issue, that my phone won’t load past the big red check mark splash page aka a “boot loop” situation.
10:02 am the store rep decides my phone is actually broken
10:03 the store rep goes thru a Verizon spec’d testing procedure
10:08 the store rep confirms my phone is inop as it fails several of the tests he performed and also provides that it is a hardware issue (covered under warranty)
10:09 the store rep determines that my wife and I actually agree on stuff and it’s ok if I say it’s ok and she doesn’t, even though it’s “her” account, we work as a team. Paige (the wife) confirms this verbally, that I can speak for her, so to speak…
10:15 am The store puts the wife on the phone with Verizon Corp to begin the warranty process.
10:20 #Verizon Corp wants to confirm the phone is, in fact, broken. And asks the wife to perform several tasks on the phone. The same ones the store rep just did.
10:55 #Verizon Corp wants the phone to be restored to factory settings, even though the phone had already failed enough tests for it to be covered by warranty
10:55 Paige leaves to go next door to get her nails done with the girls
10:55 Chris takes over the call to Verizon Corp
11 phone reboots to fact settings
11:05 – phone wants log in credentials to a Samsung account
11:05 phones one and only owner knows nothing about a Samsung account (me)
11:35 Samsung account discovered to actually be a gmail account
11:40 Samsung account successfully accessed via gmail account via PC
11:45 – samsung account access attempted via the phone – no joy
11:46 samsung advises they can not help unless I prove ownership of the phone
11:45 – placed on hold
12:00 told to reset password and try again
12:15 reset password  – NOTE – this involved driving home, getting my laptop, driving to LEO’s getting coffee, so i had wifi access to reset the samsung password.
12:40 password reset – same exact thing happens – the credentials work via the PC but not from the phone
12:40 contacted samsung – they wouldnt talk to me until I proved I owned the phone – i asked where to email said proof (as I had actually found it on the verizon website in my account area) they gave me an email address and told me they would send UPS to pick up the phone…once they received it, they would unlock it and send it back to me…..this could take a few days, or weeks maybe as long as 6 weeks….!!!!! to unlock an already broken phone and send it back to me so I could call Verizon and they could determine that the phone was, indeed, broken…..seriously!!!
12:55 back at the Verizon store
1:15 – tell my story to a different guy
1:20 placed on the phone with verizon, who tells me that to try resetting the password again, which i did and got the same results. The credentials work on the PC but not on the phone.
1:30 Verizon locks the account for too many password resets and tells me I’ll have to wait two hours and try again – they even shut down Paige’s phone during this time as well as locking out the store reps from the account. This occurred while Paige was in the store and in the process of adding me to the account (this process did not complete as the account was locked mid-process)
NOTE – Paige left the area with her friends and went on about her day (which she should have, as was the plan) I remained at the Verizon store to resolve the issue. The phone is also our internet connection, which we need for work, which we need to keep doing to make money, you know…
2:00 the store rep is now chatting, heatedly with Verizon Corp, trying to convey that it did matter if I could log in to the account or not, the phone was till broken prior to it failing that action as it had failed so many prior test designed to determine if it was broken by Verizon, itself.
2:30 the conversation goes nowhere – logic fails – no warranty to a locked phone, no understanding that it was the phone that was failing the login, not the credentials – mind boggles
3:00 the store rep calls the warranty company and tries to file directly, they report they will not file a claim on a locked phone until it has been unlocked and tested….
3:15 pm  I give up and buy a new “$7/month” phone that actually will cost around $20 PLUS tax AND the $30 “activation fee” to activate the already active account that was never deactivated.
3:30 pm the store rep (the same one I talked to at 10 am with my wife… says “ok, just get your wife to sign here and you’ll be all set….as you aren’t an authorized user on the account….
3:31 – my head explodes (not literally)

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