Took a drive into Cripple Creek, Colorado this weekend and what a beautiful drive it was! The views of the the Sangres Mountain Range is spectacular as you twist and turn down Hwy 67.

Hwy 67 Cripple Creek

Once arriving into the thriving little gambling and mining town of Cripple Creek, you get a real sense of what this town once was back in the 1800’s, mostly because not much has changed.

Downtown Cripple Creek, Colorado

While driving through the downtown area, we decided to stop for lunch and found a little cafe/grocery store. It was kind of away from the main downtown area, but still on the main street of the town called the Jackass Cafe.

I have to be honest when I say I wasn’t expecting lunch to be “all that”. I guess I thought it would be like picking up a sub from 7-11. I ordered an Italian Sub and Chris ordered a double cheeseburger and we both were quite surprised at how incredibly yummy our lunches were! In fact, we can’t wait to go back and try something different!Cripple Creek Colorado Donkey

While sitting outside and eating our lunch at the picnic table outside of the Jackass Cafe, I happened to spot a Jackass walking down the street. I’m not kidding! I had to double take to make sure that I truly was watching a wild donkey walk down the road and that someone didn’t slip a mickey into my sub! Sure enough, there was a donkey.

Cripple Creek Colorado Donkey

I wasn’t going to be satisfied until we chased the donkey down so that I could confirm my suspicions up close and personal. There he was blocking traffic in the middle of the road eating pretzels that someone had discarded recently. We pulled up next to him and he put his head in the car window looking for our pretzels, I assumed, so Chris gave him a home made peanut butter, honey oatmeal bar. He seemed to enjoy it.

Cripple Creek Colorado, Donkey

These donkeys are sort of the “mascots” of cripple creek and are the decendents of the herd that once worked the mines.

The city even holds a “Donkey Derby Days” two day jamboree, held annually in June to kick off the summer season. The jamboree started in the 1930’s in an effort to bring some business back to the little town after the mines had all but shut down. It worked! Donkey Derby Days is one of the most popular of all the events held throughout the year in this area.

The story goes that after many of the donkeys had lost their jobs in the 1930’s, they turned to drugs, alcohol and even gambling! But the Donkey Derby Days gave them something to live for and even today in between the amazing sand art, vendors, casino events and games, the donkeys have remained sober and active during the festivities

I, for one, am looking forward to attending this event and will keep you updated with the mischief that I’m certain that we will get into.