On our way home from the Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado we thought we would take the road less traveled, because…well, because that’s what we do. It was on SR 17 in the middle of absolutely no where that we saw the sign! The kind of sign that when you see it, you HAVE to follow it. The kind of sign that gets your blood pumping with curiosity and wonder. The kind of sign that makes you almost run off the road when slamming on your brakes so that you don’t miss it…well, it was that kind of sign for us anyway.

Colorado Cosmic Highway


Tell me you wouldn’t risk life, limb and your car tires to Ride the Cosmic Highway to the UFO Tower?!? Well, we would and did! We spun around quickly and headed back to the Cosmic Highway with a head full of clouds and Milky Way dreams, hoping to get a glimpse of an alien or a spaceship.


Colorado Alien Cosmic Highway


Unfortunately, we did not see any aliens, but there was plenty of evidence of alien life forms in the area.  Take this dome like structure for instance. I’m quite certain that this is where the extraterrestrials bring back their earthling abductees and force them to buy alien artifacts, maps of the universe and ice cream.


Cosmic Highway Colorado


There it is! Their spaceship!  Parked right next to an alien, springed pony and some sort of human sling shot contraption.  I’m not sure about the goings on here, but it looks rather sinister.


Colorado Cosmic Highway


We were cautious and drove slow in this area, just in case there were any aliens out playing.  We did not see any, but I’m sure they were watching us. Made me wonder about the Jay Leno quote “How would it be if we discovered that aliens only stopped by earth to let their kids take a leak?”

We left the Cosmic Highway surprisingly hungry and wondered if we should go back to see if we could get a Milky Way Ice cream bar with a creamy Galactic center from the space dome.  Only in America.


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    • Thank you! It was a great place to stop. For a good laugh, if nothing more 🙂

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