Four years ago the start of something special took place in Woodland Park, Colorado. A husband and wife, Dennis and Emilie, were tired of working separate jobs and not being able to spend time learning about the others hopes and dreams for the future. In an effort to share their lives with each other on every level, their new journey began with the birth of Cafe Leo.

Cafe Leo's Menu, Woodland Park, Colorado

Cafe Leo is a charming cafe located on Hwy 24 in Woodland Park, Colorado. With WIFI and plenty of indoor and outdoor seating, this place of gathering provides a comfortable spot for locals and travelers alike to feel right at home. Whether you are in need of an early morning cup of coffee, tea or breakfast or just looking to grab a bag of freshly roasted coffee or organic tea to take home and brew in private, Cafe Leo offers a variety of options to fill your every need.

Cafe Leo Coffee and Tea Woodland Park, Colorado

It’s worth it to sit for a spell, sip your beverage of choice and take in the scenery.  No matter where you sit in the cafe, the famous Pikes Peak dominates the view!

Cafe Leo Barista Woodland Park, Colorado

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The LEO in Cafe Leo stands for Love Each Other. This concept is reflected in the welcoming warmth that you feel as you walk through the doors, and the cheerful greeting that is received from the baristas behind the counter. “Love each other” is the sentiment that Dennis and Emilie built their business on, changing the world one cup at a time.
Cafe Leo Pikes Peak Woodland Park, Colorado

I have this thought as I sit back sipping my lavendar latte and letting my day dreams be inspired by the wonder that is Pikes Peak, I am grateful to Dennis and Emilie for the message of love, warmth of a good latte and providing a place where us nomads can feel like locals!

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