The “Right to Free Speech”. Some claim that this is a ‘God given right’, but truth be told, it is a right that was given to us by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Thus in fact, it was not God that provided us with this freedom but 7 good men that dressed funny, also known as our ‘founding fathers’.

During our travels I have seen this right excercised in many ways:

Warnings to what lie Ahead

Bigfoot Sign PIkes Peak Colorado

This is an important warning, in case you plan on hiking or camping in the area.


Deer Crossing Sign in upstate New York

They weren’t kidding when they made this sign. The deer are really close by.


Good Advice

Rubber Ducks Sign Blue Ridge Georgia

I’m not sure why, but I am sure it is important enough that someone put a lot of effort into making it known.


Stop Killing Sign St. Louis Missouri

This is very good advice as it could very well lead to the extinction of the human race.


Bald Parking Brooksville Florida

You would not want to make the mistake of taking this guys parking spot!

Sometimes when folks excercise their right to free speech it can become confusing.  The ability to understand what someone is trying to convey can be difficult at times and signs can be misunderstood. This can have a devastating outcome in some cases.


Alien Sign just outside of Salida Colorado

Now, is someone trying to warn us that there are slow aliens at play? Or could it be that we should slow down because aliens are out playing?


Alien Sign just outside of Salida Colorado

I had no idea I was smoking too fast….


Palm Valley Sign Florida

Huh? Which way do I go?


Then there are the signs that mean absolutely nothing.  They are created by Americans that believe they have something important to say, but instead they are only adding to the dumbing down of our nation.


You can’t be Serious

Dog Pin for Sale Brooksville Florida

I’m not sure, but I believe that this individual is attempting to sell a Dog Pen. I could be wrong, and he is indeed trying to sell an overpriced pin of a dog.


Yard Sale Sign Brooksville Florida

This needs no explanation… I will add however, that I took this picture in December of 2012.


Believe in Jesus - Gridley California

I don’t even know where to begin with this one…so I’ll just end with it.