Once you have made the decision to leave your 2.500 sq ft home and live in your 100 sq ft RV full time, space can become a real issue. Keeping all your knick knacks is not feasible. Having large kitchen appliances? I don’t think so. Hanging pictures? Not so much. So, how do you make your RV feel like home? Well, it’s the little things that count.

Living Room - RV Home

You may not be able to hang large pictures on the walls, but if you find some greeting cards that you like, frame them and hang them.  You want to make sure that they are very secure on the wall, so that they don’t fall and break when you move.  I put a small screw in the wall for hanging the picture and I also velcro the picture to the wall, for additional security.  Before we move the RV, I walk around and make sure that everything hanging on the wall is secure.

I like to keep a few candles out for decoration while we are parked, they compliment the living room.  Before we move I place them into a box and store them until we get to our next long term stay.

Another personal touch are area rugs, they help keep the dirt down and they give the place a nice ‘homey’ feel.

Fireplace RV - Home

Before we left Chris built an entertainment center with a fireplace heater in the center of it.  This turned out to be an amazing addition to the new home.
Porch - RV Home

Another great addition to the RV was the porch, now affectionately known as ‘My Yoga Room’.  This adds so much room to the RV for working out and/or hanging out. It also helps in keeping the RV cooled down if it the temperature gets a bit warm outside.  Of course, if it gets too hot we just leave, that’s the beauty of living in an RV.

I no longer think of home as ‘back in Florida’, home is where we park it!