So, the story goes that an adventurous man by the name of Alpaca Bob and his trusty, furry companion Buttercup travel the globe secretely obtaining recipes for things such as chile, fabulous hot dogs and sandwiches that you can swear by (and I do) and brings them back to a wonderful woman by the name of Liz. Liz then takes these recipes coverts them into masterpieces and sells them to the public for a nominal fee in the little town of Chico, California under the guise of Alpaca Bob’s Sandwich Adventures.

Alpaca Bob's Sandwich Adventures Chico California

We were lucky enough to recently stumble upon this delectable delight and have time to sit down and enjoy lunch. The first thing that I noticed once inside was the friendliness between the two women behind the counter, Liz and Phera, and the customers sitting at different tables throughout the restaurant. Everyone knew everyone and was generally concerned about the goings on in each others lives. I love that small town feel.

I ordered the Italian on French bread, which I found to be a bit ironic and my husband ordered the Pope’s Hat, a sandwich that consisted of Proscuitto, Salami, Bologna, Turkey, Provolone, Swiss Cheese and Italian Dressing. Whew!

Alpaca Bob's Sandwich Adventures Chico California

Now, let me start by saying that we love a good sub, well who doesn’t, really? Before we started on this amazing adventure we had our favorite sub shop that we would treat ourselves to once a month. Since we have left Florida we have been on a mission to find a really good sub. We have only found two places in the last year that even compare. The Blues City Deli in St Louis, MO and now Alpaca Bob’s Sandwich Adventures!

The bread was nice and soft, the meats were fresh and tasty and the ratio between the meat and bread was perfect! I am grateful to Alpaca Bob and Buttercup for their tireless journey around the world and especially grateful to Liz and Phera, “Liz’s Angel”, for providing such a friendly, welcoming place to distribute Alpaca Bob’s and Buttercups recipes!


Oh yeah…and if you have a complaint, they are willing to sit down and chat about it with you.  If you are willing to travel!

Alpaca Bob's Sandwich Adventures



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  1. Thanks so much for the kind and wonderful words!! Please come and see us again!! Hugs from Bob and Buttercup!

    • We will absolutely do that! We have to ask you about the flumes trail again! 🙂

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