West Lime Creek Trail was the last trail that we hiked before we left Colorado for the winter. The leaves were just starting to turn, the air was beginning to thin out and we were excited yet sad at the same time to know that our hiking experiences were going to be put on hold while Mother Nature prepares for her long winters nap.

West Lime Creek Trail San Juans Colorado

The view of the mountains as we hiked in

We knew very little about this trail and the information that we found on the internet regarding this hike was minimal at best. Even the trail itself isn’t sure where to end. After three miles in, it sort of just fades away, but with a good compass and a topographic map you could continue on to the Colorado Trail. The Colorado Trail is a 486 mile trail that runs from Durango, Colorado to Waterton Canyon just southwest of Denver.

West Lime Creek San Juans Colorado

West Lime Creek

We read online that the trail follows West Lime Creek (kind of a no-brainer) and that there a “few waterfalls”. This turned out the be the case indeed. The trail stays to the right of the creek for most of the hike, then crosses it and leaves the creek for the last bit of the hike in. Because of this you hear the running water of the creek for most of the venture, which made it similar to the Cheesman Canyon Hike. Often the sound of the water becomes louder and the smell of wet wood and decaying leaves becomes thicker, it is during these times that you know that you are approaching one of the many (not few) waterfalls along this scenic trail.

West Lime Creek San Juans Colorado

One of the many waterfalls that were tucked in along the trail


West Lime Creek Trail San Juan Mountains Colorado

The view of the mountains as we hiked out

We opted out of the “find your way” around route and turned around after the first 3 miles and headed back the way we came. You would think that when hiking on an in/out trail, the hike back out would be rather boring as you have already been this way before, but the perspective changes on your way out and the scenery is always different.

West Lime Creek San Juans Colorado

The view from our car

This 6 mile hike was absolutely beautiful and it turns out that this was not the trail to nowhere but the trail to everywhere! Hikes like this make one ponder the idea of continuing the walk to where ever it brings you as you never know what lies around the next corner.