There are just some things in life you have to do! Some things that you are so close to, that if you don’t do them, well then you just miss out!  Four Corners National Monument is one of those places.  The only place where you can be in four states at one time and since we were in Durango, Colorado we were only a couple of hours away.  Just seemed silly not to go! So, of course we had to head that way!

fc9The drive out there was quite spectacular!  The transition from the mountains to the desert is so noticeable and sudden that it almost takes your breath away.  Far away in the distance is Ship Rock and a constant land mark that seemed to follow us from the South western most tip of Colorado to the Four Corners National Monument.

Once we arrived at the monument the first thing we noticed was the heat! Wowzers was it hot! There were several vendors in each state selling their wares, mostly turquoise jewelry.  One vendor in Colorado, however, was selling water, so we grabbed a couple of those to help with the heat.

Dogs are not allowed in the monument, but there was an awesome vendor from  Arizona that watched the dogs for us, so that we could see the monument together.  I bought a pair of turquoise arrow head shaped earrings for my mom’s birthday from her, which made both ladies happy!

We were able to play some twister on the monument and get back to the car and ultimately the AC without a heat stroke.  The drive back was just as amazing, even though we took the same road.  The view was different and equally spectacular. It was fun trip and I’m certainly glad that we did it.

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