Gold Camp Road

We ran across Gold Camp Road completely by happenstance, driving around one morning just to see what we could see.   We were near Cripple Creek when I noticed this road that appeared to disappear through the woods.  I mentioned it to Chris and we took off into our next adventure. The road was a winding dirt road that lead through some amazing rock formations, dated tunnels and breathtaking scenery.

We had heard about this road and were told on several occasions by locals that we should take the drive.  We had no idea that this little road that we found while exploring in Cripple Creek was in fact Gold Camp Road until a few days after our drive.

Gold Camp Road Tunnel

Adding to the entrigue of this spectacular drive, it is rumored that the tunnels along this road are haunted!  The story goes that a school bus driver either commited suicide or had a heart attack, thus crashing and collapsing the third tunnel along Gold Camp Road killing everyone on the bus. This tunnel is said to be the most actively haunted of the tunnels.  The laughs and voices of children can be heard, along with feeling a tugging on clothing. Tiny hand prints are also found on cars parked outside the tunnel.

We stopped often to get out of the car and fill our senses with the breathtaking scenery that enters your soul and fills up your body with every breathe you take along this road.  You become excited to see what amazing discovery is waiting around every turn and curve.

Gold Camp Road

When President Theodore Roosevelt traveled this route, he described its beauty as “bankrupting the English language”.