Red Rock Canyon is a public area in Colorado Springs, CO. It is adjacent to Garden of the Gods. It features towering red rock spires and well trodden trails around lakes of clear water. The wind flows in and cascades among  the rock, creating eddies in the dust and fresh breezes.  Climbers come here to practice and challenge themselves.

While walking the trails with the dogs, we happened upon a man, women and a young girl around 8 years old. They were all looking up the rock face. We looked up as well and were quite surprised at what we saw! There, up the near vertical rock face, maybe 120 feet up or so, was a small boy, turns out to be 5 rrc2years old. 120′ up a rock face. Dad was on the ground rope, offering encouragement and advice on hand and foot holds. Yes, the five year old boy was free climbing a near vertical rock face. I was amazed – the boy had this, he knew what he was doing, he knew the words, he just knew what he was doing, fearlessly facing the abyss…..truly inspired parenting. We learned, from the Mom, who was also watching there on the ground, that the eight year old girl had just finished the climb, it was about 150′ to the top pin they had set up. We watched for a while longer, truly in awe of the amazing gift these parents were offering their children. Can you imagine the strength of character and confidence these kids will have? Awesome.

Earth, Air, and Water truly cooperate to set the ambiance in this canyon. As you wander the trails some new amazing view astounds as you round each corner. The Fire in the suns light reflecting off the work of the other 3 elements. Truly a magical feeling place.

You will see joggers, hikers, climbers, dog walkers, bicyclists at Red Rock Canyon. Horses are also welcome here. It truly is a land of many uses that delivers on it’s promise of wonder and tranquility.