When you drive down SR 24 from Colorado Springs towards Green Mountain Falls, there is a brown sign (we always look for brown signs) that says “Rainbow Falls” with an arrow pointing to the west.  We had passed this sign several times during our stay in Green Mountain Falls.

Rainbow Falls, Manitou Springs Colorado

This particular day we decided to check out the falls.  We pulled into the small parking lot and noticed that there was a concrete walking path that follows along a fast moving creek that must be the way to the falls.  We also noticed a sign regarding the intolerance of Grafitti and Vandalism. Okay…we won’t do that.

We began our journey down the sidewalk with the water rushing in our ears, the creek was beautiful I couldn’t wait to see the waterfall!

Rainbow Falls, Manitou Springs Colorado

We rounded the corner and suddenly understood the intolerance for the grafitti and vandalism!  The bridge in front of us was covered in multi-colored art.  But not just the bridge, the rocks the bench the ground the mountain, it was incredible!

Rainbow Falls, Manitou Springs Colorado Rainbow Falls, Manitou Springs Colorado

When you first look at it, you are kind of shocked that so many people would put this much energy into vandalizing this place.  But when you spend a bit of time there, you start to see the art and beauty in this display. You begin to pick out individual pictures and start wondering about the individual artists that created this display and suddenly it became beautiful!