Happy Mothers Day!

We woke up a bit early and set off to enjoy our day.  We enjoyed a lovely breakfast at my favorite restaurant in town, The Pantry!  Great place! Great Food! But that’s for another blog…While we were enjoying our breakfast on the outside patio, it began to hail. No big deal, hail has become the norm here in Colorado but it never lasts long.  The storm was brief and the sun come out just as quickly, which renewed our faith that it was going to be the perfect day to spend some time outside in beautiful Colorado.

Cheyenne Canon Owl

Off we headed to the Cheyenne Canon Park, we didn’t do any research on this area, so we pretty much let our feet guide the way.  We ended up at a fun vistor center that had a few raptor handlers (with their raptors), a hummingbird garden and other “hands on” entertainment.

We found our way out back and onto a nice little trail.  It was marked with blue arrows.  So we followedCheyenne Canon the arrows to the top of a hill that provided some pretty incredible views. As we started to head down the hill, church bells began to ring and echo off the surrounding mountains.  We located the source to be a church tower that was located high up on the top of Cheyenne Moutain. We stood and listened for some time, soaking in the surreal reality of the chimes. Once they stopped, we continued our hike.  The rain and hail started up again but the surrounding beauty was such that the weather would not deter us from seeing what lies just beyond the next corner…and the next…

Helen Hunt FallsAfter finding our way back to the vistor center we decided we should start Helen Hunt Fallsheading back to Green Mountain Falls when we saw the “Brown Sign”. We can never help ourselves from following the brown signs.  This one read “Helen Hunt Falls”.  We drove up the winding road and came to a parking lot with only a few people in it.  The end of the falls was beautiful but the hike to the top of the falls was spectacular! Once at the top you were gifted with incredible views of Colorado Springs!

The hail began to get progressively worse, so we figured we should grab some lunch to go and head backRocky Top RV Park homRocky Top RV Parke.  We picked up some BBQ and started back up SR 24 where we were stopped by the police and told that the only road back home was closed.  What?  But…But..What do we do?  The officer told us he was unsure why the road was closed but we would have to wait until it was open before we could move forward.  We pulled into the nearest parking lot and proceeded to eat our lunch, when we noticed that the east bound side of the road opened and the cars that were coming down had a couple of inches of snow on them!! Holy Cow! Where are they coming from?!?  After about 45 mins the road opened and we were permitted to proceed home.  This image is what home looked like when we got there!