The Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, CO is aptly named. It truly appears to be a Garden of un-probable rocks, shaped and set by Gods on a zero-scaping mission of epic proportions.

I’ll do my best to be descriptive here. But it will fall very short of the experience. This place, like so many others we experienced in Colorado bankrupts the word bank.










I’m from Florida, rocks come in bags from Home Depot. The only ‘rock’ other than that is limerock. The Garden of the Gods was really my first “up close and personal” experience with rocks other than limerock. To see these colossal towers of rock jutting out from the ground really blew me away. I had no idea rock could be like this, I realize that sounds a bit odd, but it is true.

The colors , I think, is what got me first. The many hues of red, green, brown, with a backdrop of the bluest blue I have ever seen, with an overlay of fluffy, happy, white clouds, conspire to overwhelm the senses.









The spires of rock jut from the ground, bursting forth, reaching for the sky. Here, a fog was beginning to roll in, adding even more mystique to a  surreal, ethereal place.









Panoramic views can be had from just about anywhere in the Garden. Take lots of pictures and plan to spend some time. There is a road that winds around the Garden, highly recommended you take the drive. But to really feel this place, get out and take a walk. Find a quiet place and sit and enjoy the experience. It was how it was meant to be experienced, personally.