We did a lot of stuff the first week we were in Colorado. We were big kids in the biggest candy store ever. Budget be damned, this place was awesome an we were going to enjoy it! … Damn it!… (We paid for that later but it was worth it!) This budgetary carelessness lead us to throw caution to the wind and well…go to the Manitou Cliff Dwellings!

The Manitou Cliff Dwellings is an example of an ancient cliff dwelling. It provides a great insight, one that you can walk through, into the life styles and conditions of those folks that lived this way a few thousand years ago.

cd3They have a great sign at the entrance, this was one of our first “real world” experiences with being in a “legal” State. The commentary at our laughter from the gate keeper was that is was the “most photographed object in the place…”

We enjoyed this visit, it was nice to be able to walk among the dwelling area and touch the past.  I think the price was a bit steep, as there really isn’t much to do here except walking the “ruins” after an hour or less, you’re pretty much done all you can do here.