My parents have often told me that how beautiful Breckenridge, Colorado is and how I must go there.  So we went and they were right.

Antelope on the way to Breckenridge ColoradoThe drive alone was extraordinary.  We took US 24 west and then SR 9 North which turned out to be a remote area teeming with wildlife.  We found buffalo, antelope, elk and herds of deer along the way.

The month was May and weather was cold!  There was still a large amount of left over snow from the previous winter. We soon found out that winter is not quite over in Colorado in the early spring months.  It sort of hangs on for a while.

We crossed over the Continental Divide and let the dogs out to romp in the snow for the first time in their little lives.  What a hoot!


Breckinridge is a small town at the base of the mountains and is known mostly for its skiing and Gold Rush history. The main area of the town has great shopping and wonderful food.

We walked the dogs around town and grabbed some fresh cookies from Clints Bakery and Coffee house on Main Street and were they ever worth it!

We left Breckinridge feeling as if we had just stepped out of the heart of Colorado.  The drive back was just as beautiful as the drive in.  We just kicked back and enjoyed the incredible scenery.