Cheyenne Mountain Zoo lion

When we first walked into the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo there was this tremendous “ROAR” coming from every speaker in the zoo!  The source was a beautiful male lion that was greeting all the zoo-comers.  There was a speaker in his cage that piped in his amazingly powerful song! I had never heard a lion roar before and it touched me all the way to my core. I watched this amazing animal for what seemed like hours taken in by his presence.  It was one of the top ten amazing experiences of my life.

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo GiraffeWhen I snapped out of it, we found the Giraffe feeding area.  Were we were given lettuce to hand feed the giraffes.  The long black tongues on these creatures is not to be forgotten quickly.

We hung around and fed the giraffes for a bit longer when I noticed that this zoo is actually on the side of Cheyenne Mountain, so that if you wanted to see “Africa” you would have to go up a level.  If you wanted to see “Asia” you would have to go up two levels.  The views of Colorado City from up here were amazing.

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo SlothJust like any zoo I have to go and spend time with the elephants, gorillas and the exotic birds.  It was on my way to the gorillas when I was taken aback by this odd looking mammal moving very slowly above my head.  It took several glances before I recognized it to be a sloth!  He wasn’t caged, nor was he tied up in anyway, I guess the zoo realized that he moved slow enough that if he tried to escape the zoo keepers had plenty of time to catch up with him.

All in all it was like any day at the zoo.  Entertaining, knowledgable and fun!