I love zoos. I really do.  There is just something about being able to view all kinds of different animals all in the same day.  My two favorite animals are elephants and gorillas and since you can’t really spend time with them in the wild, my only alternative is to head to the zoo. So off to the St. Louis Zoo we went!

Chevys only sign at the St. Louis Zoo

I have heard many good things about the St. Louis Zoo, what I didn’t know is that it is FREE!  I was also unaware that there is free parking for Chevy owners.  Unfortunately, we don’t own a Chevy but if we did…

Bug Guy at the St. Louis Zoo

The first place we visited was the Insectarium.  An entire building filled with creepy crawlies and people that love to work with creepy crawlies.  It housed everything from butterflies to spiders and snails to grasshoppers.
Elephant Family at the St. Louis ZooWe finally found our way to the elephants and enjoyed the interaction of an elephant family.  A cow, a bull and a calf! They were beautiful!  It was apparently feeding time at the zoo and this family of elephants were definitely enjoying their lunch.  I sat and stared and took picture after picture until it dawned on me…Hey, it’s feeding time!  So off we went to find some lunch.

We grabbed lunch at the Riverside Cafe and after devourering our chicken tenders and burgers we decided we should probably start heading home and back to our dogs, you know, the animals that we are responsbile for.

On our way out, we were fortunate enough to run right into the Sea Lion show, which is always entertaining!  What a great way to end a day at the zoo.