1428871294253The St Louis Gateway Arch is an amazing work of art, technology, hard work and pure determination. It’s also much bigger than you realize until you are about to climb in to a small sphere with 5 strangers and be elevated to the top in a Wonkavator fashion. I couldn’t do it. The sphere was too small or I was too big, one or the other made it not possible for me to see the view from the top. That did not take away, at all, from the experience. It is truly a place worthy of the bucket list.

I will say, it was a bit of a problem getting there. Once we found a parking spot, which ended up being about 8 blocks away. We took a nice walk around downtown and after a few missteps, which still lead to great discoveries, we found our way to the Arch. There was much construction going on at the time, so roads were blocked and foot traffic was detoured.

The story of how it was built and why is a great tale. One that everyone should hear, I think. I’ll not tell it here – but this link should get you started.