Today we set out to explore St. Louis and see the Gateway Arch!  The city of St. Louis is qute a quick drive from where we are camped, so it took no time at all to get to the city.  To find a parking spot? That was a different story!  By the time we found a parking spot we were pretty turned around and thought that we would never find our way to the Arch, but St. Louis is pretty clever and marked the street! So, we followed the “Street Signs” and learned that the tickets to the Arch are located in the Old Courthouse, which wasn’t too hard to find.  Inside the courthouse the walls were lined with history and patriotism.

Gateway Arch Street Sign

Once in line we found that the tickets to the Arch were sold out until tomorrow but we could take the River Boat tour, so of course off we went to jump on the boat!  The walk from the courthouse to the River Boats was not very long and the view of the Gateway Arch were spectacular!

Gateway Arch St. Louis Missouri

The boat, named the Becky Thatcher, was your typical steamboat with many levels and a drink and snack shop to keep you happy and fed for the hour long tour.  We discovered much about the history of the area and the Mississippi River, as it was narrated to us by the Captain during our tour.  There were yet even more incredible views of the Arch from the river as well as the city skyline and the Anheuser-Busch Co.

It was an informative, relaxing tour and well worth every penny.

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