1428871290175 This is the parking lot for the bridge “Bike Path” on the Illinois side. Sketchy is an adjective that I could easily use to describe it. There were several concrete barriers arranged to form a rough parking area. All were spray painted, graffiti like, with the words “Lock your car!”, “High theft area!” and the like. We had a discussion before deciding to lock the car and proceed out on to the bridge.




The bridge is in very bad need of some TLC. There is no lighting, the additions to make it a public trail are vandalized and worn. A firetruck rests at the half way point, a remnant of some sort of historical display set up in the past.  Route 66, the primary route of choice across the United States, then, crossed the Mississippi River here.




The “Chain of Rocks” Bridge is also where in 1980, film director John Carpenter used the gritty, rusting bridge as a site for his science fiction film, Escape from New York. 






A view of the Chain of Rocks.







Another remnant of some forgotten attempt at making a tourist attraction or historical marker.





1428871292857Upon our return to our car, I didn’t have to unlock my door, it was already open and left ajar. Nothing was missing. as there was nothing there to take. But I’m quite sure it was locked when we left it.