I have always had a taste for good food!  I don’t mind spending extra money for a REALLY good meal and I have to tell you the Broadway Oyster Bar has some excellent food!  I like to start off with a few different appetizers, then a main course and desert and a drink.  Its just the way of things for me.  I know I will have plenty left over, but that will be my meals and snacky bits for the next day, and if it’s good, I’m okay with that!

Broadway Oyster Bar

Made out of Oyster Shells!

The atmosphere was exactly what I expected from a downtown St. Louis  Restaurant/Bar.  From the outside you see an old brick building built in 1843 located next to a railroad track on the corner of Broadway and Gratiot St. On the inside it has the funky taste of old New Orleans with the funky music to complete the ensemble!

And the food was to die for…the Broadway Oyster Bar has some incredible delectables!  We started off with a few appetizers:  Shrimp Voodoo, Oysters Rockefeller (one of my favs), Blue Crab Cakes and Alligator Sausage and Shrimp Cheesecake (which sounded so weird I had to try it!).  It was not the sort of cheese cake that you see in your mind, it was actually shrimp and alligator sausage in a blend of cream cheese & warm Gouda cheese, served with pita bread.  It was fabulous!

And then it was time for the main course!  We both ordered the evening specials and were very pleased with the results!  The fish was cooked perfectly and the presentation was on spot.  They only had one dessert choice, bread pudding, so we took it to go!  Figured if there was only one…it had to be good! I’ve never had bread pudding before, but I was very sad we only bought one, it was fantastic.

All in all, the swanky music, excellent service, superb food and atmosphere made this one place that I would drive back to St. Louis just to dine in again!