From their website, “The 700 South Broadway building which houses BB’s was known as Phil’s Hotel as late as 1969, and has a colorful past. Since its original construction in the mid 1800’s, in an area then known as “Frenchtown” with a further 3 story addition at the turn of the century, the location has been used as a home, boarding house, reception hall, mercantile, millinery, transient hotel, bar, diner, and a House of Ill Repute with 37 rooms between its 2nd and 3rd floors.”

We lucked out and were the last ones in to a crowded club. We slowly worked our way from the front of the building on to the back, where the stage was. There were not many seating options available. We cam up to the stage and a guy gets out of his seat, right next to the stage and offers it to us. We gratefully accept as he explains he is running sound and was just sitting there. So, our front row seats were obtained out of sheer luck!

We ordered some food, your basic bar food choices, done well though. We ordered a few beers and waited for the band to start.

Laura Rain and the Ceasers was the band that night. They were fantastic! We bought both their offered CD’s  and still play them on a regular basis.  The singer was totally “in” to her art. Her passion was extreme and the music reflected that. I felt the blues as she sang them. Great Great job!!