Friday night in the trailerhood isn’t, generally, a kicking good time. There have been exceptions, but this night was not one. While eating dinner, we began to hear faint noises coming from the distance. At first, we were unsure what is was, then it became clear that is was engine noise we were hearing. Since there was not much else to do, we decided to jump in the car and go exploring to see if we could find the source of the noise.

We set off with the windows down, stopping and listening at the stop signs, trying to determine the direction of the noise. We had much fun during this process, met a few homeless folks, some people crossing the street, and I think we may have offended a few cows as we were waiting for the train to pass. But laughter was had by all, I think I even saw a few of the cows in the back snickering.

After a while, came upon the Tri-City Speedway they were just starting the Regular Full Throttle Fridays featuring UMP Late Models, UMP Modifieds, B-Modifieds, TCS Street Stocks (UMP Factory Stocks), TCS Factory Stocks (UMP Sport Compacts). It was awesome!

We paid the entry fee and grabbed a drink, found a seat and had a night at the races. Not long after we sat down, just in front of turn 3, at the beginning of the home stretch, we noticed that we were slowly being covered with dirt and tire residue from the cars as they accelerated out of the turn onto the home stretch. This also was awesome! Though Paige may feel differently 🙂


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