logoI was born to travel, I truly was. I enjoy the experience, the stress, the beauty, the comfort, the discomfort, all of it. I revel in that which is strange to me. Traveling makes each day a new adventure waiting to be explored. This, is the reason that I do this. I love the challenge that each new day presents.  It enables me to appreciate and embrace change as a lifestyle in a much more intimate manner. Free of the shrouds that we place on that concept in the ‘normal’ world. After all….embracing change is really what we humans do best.

At 52, after many years of being stationary,  I finally reached a point where I can travel as a lifestyle. I have a job that allows me to work “virtually” so as long as I have decent internet access, I am able to go to the office and do stuff they pay me for. This sounds easy, but as you will discover, as I did, it’s not quite as easy as it could be and does greatly limit where you can travel too.

I travel with my wife, Paige. This also sounds ideal, and truly is, as she is the most wonderful woman in the world and for some reason actually loves me, of course this also comes with it’s trials, tribulations and compromises. We also enjoy the company of our two dogs and a parrot as travel companions. Our total living area is somewhere around  100 sq ft.

The mobile phase of this begins in March of 2015. The family weekend camper, a 2001 32′ Gulfstream Class C, had been slowly, over the previous 9 months, restored and improved to support a full time lifestyle. Were it not for the 40k mileage on the rig and it only being used as a dorm room for a college student prior to my ownership, the investment in repairs and upgrade probably would not have been worth it. It was quite the huge project as there was extensive water damage done about a 12 months prior.

The water damage happened while I was in the hospital and then in the many months of recovery period thereafter. The seal on the top of the slider had gone bad, so water was coming in on the roof of the slide out. Once under the seal, it cascaded to the “attic” area and also on to the kitchen counter. The entire interior from the bathroom forward had to be replaced by the time I finished removing all the damage from the leak. Floor up, it was indeed a task not for the faint of heart.

It worked out well, the time it took to restore/remodel the RV was great for helping my recovery and learning how to deal with the “new” me. The hospital stay resulted in a colostomy to resolve issues created from un-diagnosed diverticulitis. I also learned of a heart condition that I also was totally unaware of.

Herein, Paige and I put forth our experiences with change as a lifestyle. I do so purely for my own value, a resource to my friends and family, a place of remembrance for those I meet along the way and a place to deposit all those words of wisdom I hear from those I meet. I find the adage that folks will remember how you made them feel is a global truism. I trust that in these words, and our experiences, you find something meaningful and, at times, they make you feel. Paige will add articles, reviews, commentary, thoughts and images offering her own perspective.