It took us over a year to get everything together to go full time. That process would have taken much longer were it not for the help of dear friends.  Our friends helped us with so many things. The multiple garage sales, the multiple house cleanings, the barn clean out, the salvage yard runs, the recycling yard runs, the seemingly endless tasks were all made easier with the help of friends.

We had a standing rule that friends couldn’t leave the house with out taking something. We chose to give away most of our belongings to friends as opposed to selling them for pennies to strangers. In the end, what we had left over fit into a 5×10 storage locker, this from a 2000 square foot home and a 1500 square foot barn on 2.5 acres. We had lived there for over 10 years.

I have a vast amount of gratitude to those folks. They know who they are and they know themselves to be AWESOME people. We truly couldn’t have done this with out you and I am ever thankful for the friendship shown and the love given.