IMAG0025Once the tow dolly issues had all been resolved, we were able to actually get on the road and proceed to a destination. First stop, Jacksonville, FL to visit with dear friends and say our good byes. From here we traveled, event free to North Carolina to visit with one of the spawn. The RV (IRV) ran out very well and the trip was peaceful and easy. We did an over night in a rest area off in South Carolina. We really enjoyed the drive through South Carolina. Easy, nice tree lined Interstate.

I need to stop here for a moment and let you know that the daughter lives in Missouri and is expecting. Her expected delivery date, then, was April 25-ish.  This was the end of March.

We enjoyed our time in Chapel Hill, NC – what a great town! Great food was had at Acme Food & Beverage Company, highly recommended!  Our RV park was a bit…worn in, but the rates were fair and the ground was level. We spent 3 nights there. Then Friday morning, we packed up and headed for our next stop, Blue Ridge , GA. to visit with the in-laws.

ants_friendsBlue Ridge is a small mountain town in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Fantastic scenery, unchanged in many ways for hundreds of years. A train, the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway runs a 26 mile circuit to near by towns of McCaysville and Cooper Hill, TN.

Our plan was to spend a week or more here but the phone calls from the daughter providing news of the pregnancy began to become a bit rushed. It appeared my grandson wasn’t going to wait until the end of April, he was very excited to meet me! And Mom and Dad too I suppose 🙂 So, we only stayed one night then made a beeline for St.Louis, MO.

You may note there have been no reports of road side issues,  broken things, or the like. This is because there were none! All systems were go and functioning well. All of our prep was paying off and things were working as best they could.

IMAG0191We arrived in St Louis and met the very pregnant daughter and the hubby at a restaurant beside the Mississippi River ( I  actually sang that when I typed it) I don’t recall the name of the restaurant, nor would I mention it if I could. I do remember they had a very creepy bunny suited figure….

1428749340441Anyway, back to the daughter.. .we ate our meal, caught up on times, laughed, made fun of bunny guy and then headed back to our homes with plans to meet the following day. This did come to pass, though not as we imagined, when she called to tell us she was being induced at 4pm the next day.

Well, we rushed to the hospital and within a very short time, my Grandson, Wyatt Reid got to meet his new family. It was indeed a very happy moment. I was quite glad we rushed to make it early and that I didn’t miss this incredible moment. Mom and son came through with flying colors and lots of love was given.

Our plan was to stay in the area for about a month. We set up camp at the KOA in Granite City, IL – just off Route 66. It was a very odd area for a camp ground as it was in an commercial area. But the location was great and the price was certainly worth it.

All tolled, it was about 1800 miles to get, eventually, to St Louis. We took 14 days to get there.